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Cemeteries (18)
How to record momumental inscriptions and photograph headstones, funerary symbolism, and more.
Dates and Calendars (25)
Date converters, and other useful - and even useless - tools. Also : Genealogy and Family Reunion calendars of events.
Filing (8)
Guides to filing systems, organizing your research, tracking your correspondance, etc.
Forms and Charts (62)
Charts for figuring family relationships, blank forms you can print form your computer and how to use them.
Getting Started (19)
Online genealogy lessons for beginners. Also : Genealogy resources for kids, and for teaching kids about family history.
Handwriting (11)
Tutorials on paleography, signatures, etc.
History (49)
How historical context and family traditions can make the life of our ancestors' more real to us.
Maps (10)
Tips on using maps in family history research and links to gateways to hundreds of historical maps online.
Names (19)
Articles on naming patterns, recurring names, name changes, etc.
Photos (10)
Tips for identifying people, dating photographs, etc.
Records (76)
What types of records are available? Where to find them? How to use the effectively?
Research Hints and Tips (19)
Helpful advice in solving research problems and overcoming brickwalls.
Sourcing (11)
Articles on proper ways to cite your sources, evaluating sources reliability, tracking the resources you have searched, etc.
Terminology and Translation (59)
Genealogical terms, archaic terms, abbreviations, researching in a language you don't understand, etc.
Writing and Publishing (13)
How to write and publish a family history, a biography, or an autobiography.


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